run like the wind...

or maybe not...

earlier today, i participated in the 11th annual UAE Healthy Kidney 10k run.  it would have been a somewhat easy run for me since it was only for 6 miles but NYC seems to be in a summer was hot and worst of all, it was humid.  i don't normally stop at the water stations when i do 4 miles but this was an exception.  i was stopping in every station available.  by mile 5, i see some runners just walking.  i heard from fellow runners that they saw some runners passed out.  i stopped 200 meters from the finish line just to catch a few breath before crossing the finish line.

not too thrilled with the result but still happy with my pace (even with the few stops).  out of almost 8,000 participants, I was in the top 28% finishers.....not bad for a recreational runner.

for the top finisher for the male, an american won by the narrowest margin, then followed by the kenyans.  as for the women, the top two went to the kenyans while the third spot was british.

**the best part about this race, they give medals to participants...


  1. GOOD ON YA! it's not the kind of weather to go tromping about. keep hydrated!

    1. thanks and i agree. for some reason, spring decided not to show up this year.

  2. Good for you. I can't beat a five year old in running. It's 63 degrees in Michigan.

    1. thanks. i bet you can. deep inside you are a runner :)

      as for the weather, please share some here. it's been humid here this weekend.



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