2016 AirBnB Brooklyn Half-Marathon...

yesterday, i ran my 2nd registered half-marathon.  yes, for someone who runs more than 13.1 miles almost every weekend, it was my 2nd time to run a registered half.  my first one was in 2014 for the NYC half

i didn't have big expectation about this race.  i injured myself a week earlier and was walking with a limp everyday.  the left side knee was a little bit swollen so i was not sure if i can do it.  

anyway, on the day of the event, i had only 4 hours of sleep.  i was celebrating my two nephews birthday the night before.  when i was ready to leave my house, it was already too late for me to take the subway since travelling time will take me more than an hour and half minimum (subway is on weekend schedule).  so rather than taking the risk of being late, i decided to drive.  i used to live near the starting point area so i found a parking pretty quickly.  

i saw some of my running-mates on the corrals so i figured i'll run with them and use them as my pacer.  this was a big mistake.  we started the race at a faster speed than i anticipated.  my plan was to start slow and do a progression run.  i was able to tackle the hills section of the race with no problem but on the flat area, i was already running out of breath.  i had to walk several times since i was starting to cramp on my right leg.  my left knee was never an issue.

my target time prior to start was at least comes close to 2 hours.  i wasn't expecting a faster race since i'm already injured.  based on my pace during the race, i know that i'll be close to my target time but how much over the 2 hours goal was the question.  

well i'm glad to say that it was under 2 hours.  barely under but i'll take it.  


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