2106 Berlin Marathon...

last september 25, i traveled all the way to berlin, germany to run my 2nd marathon - which is also my 2nd **world marathon.  most of prior post regarding training for a marathon, i keep mentioning on the NYC Marathon when in actuality, i was training for the Berlin Marathon. don't get me wrong, I am still scheduled to run the NYC marathon this November - which would my 3rd marathon (also counted as 3rd world marathon).  i just don't people to know and make a big fuss about it.  and yes, i officially got the marathon bug.

**world marathon consist of the following: tokyo, london, boston, berlin, chicago, nyc.  

i'm still a newbie in the marathon world so there are things that i've learned during my recent marathon:
  • when travelling to another country, be a marathoner first, not a tourist.
  • it's a very very bad idea to do walking tours pre and post marathon.....especially pre.
  • try to sleep on time even though jet lag is kicking in.
  • it's ok to travel with family but try to avoid hanging out until late at night.
i'll be posting in the next few days places i've visited.



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