am I so tired......

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

waking up this morning was very tough. my whole body was aching. yesterday after work, instead of going to central park to work, i went to play volleyball. yes, i am a die hard V-Ball fan and it's the only sport that i play on a regular basis. i am not an amateur but i am not a professional player as well. i just play for fun. but anyway, open scrimmage was from 7 to 9 pm...and since it was a free game, i played the whole time. i was not planning to join in any team (i'm already in a team) but guess what, someone asked me and i said yes. SWEAT!!!!!!!! i am in big trouble. lesson to learn here: DO NOT ALWAYS SAY YES!!!! now i have to do damage control.

today, i left work at 7 pm. i need to finish a lot of stuff. tomorrow is my day-off (summer hours). now, what to do??? stay home or do something??? i guess you just have to wait and see.



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