wild kingdom.....

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

i was in a rush to take up early (not that 7:30 am was early for me). although today is my day off (summer schedule), i had to email a document to one of the directors at my work. i promise myself a long time ago not to mix work with personal life but i promise this director that i will email it to him. i tried to do it last night before leaving work but i was just to overwhelmed with other stuff. in any case, i managed to do it within half an hour and decided to start my day afterwards.

i was planning to go to the bronx zoo today since the summer schedule was approved. i was hoping to take you (jo, em, and niko) but you (jo and em) had already planned something else with your mom and dad. so, it's just me and niko.

do you know that our house is only 15 minutes away by bus from the bronx zoo. i was amazed that we were that close. we got there early, half an hour early to be exact.

we managed to go to all the exhibit including your favorites - the tigers, lions, snakes, and your "minosorous" (you meant to say rhinoceros). while walking through the butterfly pavilion, you keep asking me to go out so that you can eat the cotton candy.

by the time we decided to get lunch, everybody else we're doing the same thing. finding a place to sit on was horrible. too many kids from camp are having a filed trip at the zoo as well. we had to rush for this table that became vacant as soon as i was ready to give up. we had pizza and soda for lunch (plus a hot dog for me of course). you wanted me to get a french fries but we skip it.

the zoo trip was basically 4 hours. not bad. as soon as we got off the bus, we went to the market to get a chocolate ice cream. you wanted me to buy another cotton candy but there's none so ice cream was what we settled to buy.

granda and mel were the only one home. granda was vacuuming while mel was doing god knows what. while i took a deserving nap, niko went to the backyard to play with joel (our neighbor) to play basketball.

after taking an hour nap, i decided to upload the zoo picture in my flickr account. after uploading just 11 pictures, i got this email saying that i reached my max as a free user. either i sign up for additional space or delete my old pictures. are they crazy?? sorry, i am not deleting any nor i am paying to upload any pictures. i just basically abandon the idea of uploading anymore pictures.

since i was getting bored, we (me and you dom) decided to watch a video that i rented - the last mimzy. you thought it was a scary movie at first but i assured you that it was not.

after that, you went to bed. i on the other hand decided to write this very long journal. actually while i was writing this, em surprise me behind me back. i like it when you play tricks on me. you (jo) on the other hand was ready to head upstairs to you room when i called you to come over. i asked you if you guys want to watch the dvd but i saw you (jo) staring at the computer. i think you saw the heading of "dear jo, niko...." and basically got curious. i tried to hide it but what the heck, you i let you read the first paragraph and showed you the actual blog. you said and i quot....."COOL". then you two headed upstairs and said our good nights.

i maybe getting older (and also you of course) but you guys are keeping young. we play toys, watch cartoons, and do kids stuff. i know i should be mature (more mature that is), but how can i be if i think a child's innocence is precious.


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