payback is a b!+@#..........

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

probably you're wondering why i'm writing my blog during my working hours. actually took a day off. no, not because of the 9/11 anniversary. just taking a break from work.

anyway, yesterday around 4:30 pm i got a call from j. odd to get a call at that time and on a monday. wanted to know what time i'm leaving have dinner of course. so i said 5. j was in the mood for gyu-kaku.....again. we agreed to meet somewhere around 8'ish but j would have to call me first since j was all the way in long island.

so i decided to stay in the city rather that go home, walked from 57th to 14th street, and hangout out in union square for a while.

by 8:30 i called j. running a bit late and should be there 30 to 45 minutes. 9:15 pm, no call. i did not call to see what's up. reading a book at starbucks drinking a black and white hot chocolate. phone rang around 10....j apologize and will be there in 10 minutes. i just said ok, hang-up, continue reading the book. 10 minutes later, j called. "where are you?". i was still in starbucks....about 4 blocks away from the restaurant. i walked slowly....if i waited for 5 hours, j can wait. saw j already seated. i slammed the book on the chair. i said don't want to talk right now.....yes, i was mad as hell. j apologies again and said the traffic was bad. i said why not call me then to tell me that. saw some people looking at us (by the way, we were not talking that loud). i said i don't want to talk yet. j apologizes again. then i said, it was fault anyway. i said i forgot who i am talking too. i should have known that when j said 1/2 an hour, it means see in 2 hours. when will i learn. j just looked at me and apologizes again. we finally talked. i figured arguing with j will not lead nowhere.

finished dinner close to midnight. j asked me to drive.....j been driving all day. i oblige. got home 12:30 am. before j and i departed, i made one more guilt trip. oh this is not the end of this.


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