what to do????

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

2nd day of rosh hashana. no work. i am bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woke up at 6:30 this morning. planned to go to the DMV (dept. of motor vehicle) to request for a duplicate copy of the car title. i lost the original one....or did grandma mistakenly thought it was garbage. i know i could have just ordered one online but i need to go out of the house.

took the subway downtown with hope (my sister, you mom, your aunt) - she on the other hand got work today. went to the 34th street location. i got there around 8:40 am and there was already a line. took me about 20 minutes - in and out.

decided to walk from 34th to 58th street. went to the 5th ave. apple store to check out the new ipod touch. they don't have it yet on display. they only have the new ipod nano (very very small screen). went afterwards to crate and barrel to see anything new for the house. found a table lamp that i like but it was too pricey. who knows....the store is only a few blocks away from my work. maybe i'll buy it one day.


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