i hate texting........

dear jo, dom, em, dyland, and nicky:

j: guess who's going to Tao tonight? LOL
mike: can I asume u?
j: but of course, sucks to B U! I'll bring U a doggy bag LMOA! (didn't know what this mean until now - laughing my a** off
mike: I xpext that doggie bag
j: aiight I'll order xtra. I was invited as a 3rd wheel, don't mind because it's TAO!
mike: I was just kidin. have fun
j: will do, C if I still bring U a doggy though
mike: funny
j: I was serious!
mike: ok. have a blast

mike: just passed tao
j: U just passed it, I'm going N! LOL
mike: am jealous. NOT
j: yeah yeah u know u want 2 go
mike: anyway. enjoy da small portion of food.
j: i'll savor every small morsel, just 2 spite U 4 not getting the xbox!
mike: whatever. enjoy anyhow!!


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