mi familia........

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

this post was suppose to be done last night but i was too tired to do it and the fact that hope was watching her korean shows again...go figure....

when you are finally grown up, i do hope that you can watch "brothers & sisters" or at least something like it. it basically reflects most families in my generation and maybe in the generation to come....who knows. a family who remain strong no matter what adversaries that comes to them: a mother who waits for the safe return of her son from iraq; a sister in brink of a divorce; a brother who tries to act strong after the lost of a son; a sister fights for her belief even though it's against her family; a brother who finally found true love but must let go for the sake of others; and a brother who was bound to fight a war. each lives have stories to tell about sorrow and grief.....but yet they remain strong for each other.


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