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my niece won this baking kit from her school on how to make and decorate itty bitty cupcakes. since it was easter sunday, i decided to call the inner martha stewart in me and try to bake a cake.

i don't bake on a daily basis. i only do it when i feel the urge to do it. don't get me wrong, i can bake alright. it just the more you do it, the better you get. and this basically is my flaw when it comes to baking. anyway, the baking part was not the hard part, it was the decorating. i tried to follow the recipe and instruction, but it was just a disaster. the butter icing was melting even before i put it on the cupcake....and it was way too sweet. but who cares, it was just a trial anyway. the cupcakes were delicious though. yummy.


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