NYC Winter Restaurant Week...

been busy for the past couple of days at work and almost totally forgot that it's restaurant week.  my co-workers and i decided to go last friday at the Sea Grill located on the concourse of Rockefeller Center.

**Lightly Cured Salmon Belly Tartare, honey crisp apples, dill, Calvados crème fraîche

**Grilled Organic Chicken Paillard, wild mushroom fricassée, wilted wild arugula

**Caramelized apple tart, sour cream ice cream

to get a list of all participating restaurants, click here.


  1. Oh i really love to try the first and second one.. how was it? This is not enuf for my tummy.

    1. the cured salmon was a bit bland for my taste but the organic chicken made up for it. but i always leave room for desserts...always :)



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