OCD and Flu...

what an adventure this morning on the way to work.

OCD kid - i like to people watch especially when i'm on the subway.  for example, this one asian kid who was wearing a sperry top-sider keeps fixing his right shoe lace.  i have no idea how many times he tied that damn shoe lace but at one point, i wanted to tell him that it looks fine.

Flu lady - i'm not really sure if this lady have the flu but because of her never ending coughing, i would say she has the flu.  the worst part of it all, she was sitting next to me.  so i won't be surprised if by tomorrow morning, i am barking like a dog as well. oy vey.


  1. Stay away from that lady. It is best hat we always have our flu vaccine shots...

    OCD kid? tsk
    you? what are you OCD about?

    1. woke up earlier sneezing and with a bad headache. hopefully it's not the flu. there are 3 types of the flu virus so even i took a shot already, i might get one from another :/



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