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dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

yesterday was a very weired in a very good kinda way for me. besides the usually 8 am morning work schedule, i stopped by McD's to buy breakfast. I don't normally go to McD for breakfast (usually it's a venti starbucks frappucino with a glazed donut or bagel with cream cheese) but it was on my way to work so i decided to mix things up a big. by the way, as you can tell, I am not a health conscious person. i tried to live my life to the fullest........ok, i tried to watch my weight every now and then.

anyway, for lunch, i went to Brasserie 8 1/2 with my regular lunch buddies/colleagues - Judy and Cheryl. this week and next week is restaurant week so we decided to take advantage of the cheap price. also, judy is treating us for lunch since she got a promotion.

after work, i met up with my best bud geli at barnes and nobles on union square. BIG mistake!!! i didn't realized that they are having a pre-release party for the last harry potter book (harry potter and the deathly hallows). basically the entire building was packed with harry potter fans.

after the over-crowded bookstore, we went straight to 14th street looking for a place to maybe grab a drink or two. we usually go to the st. marks area but this time, we opted for the west side. around the meatpacking district.

i suggested we go to this very trendy restaurant/bar called la bottega. both gel and i had never been here before so it was a first. i've seen/pass by this area numerous times but not not actually go there.

well let me tell you, this is one of the places here in NY where the beautiful people go - the chick, trendy, and the party people go.

while gel had a mojito for drink, i had my all time favorite apple martini. we ordered calamari (which was very salty) and assorted olives.

we left after about an hour and a half and decided to walk downtown. we reached the greenwich village area and guess what, we were in the corner of the magnolia bakery. ok, i think i bought a dozen of their cupcakes before to share with you guys but because it was too sweet, you guys didn't like it. i don't know why some much hype about this place but the cupcakes are way too sweet - in particular to the icing. i guess it guess because it smells good and it looks good as well. in any case, we bought 4 cupcakes (two for me and two for gel) and ate it on the park across the street.

after the devouring of cupcakes, we ventured to one more place. down the hatch. we used to go there but for some reason we just stop going. maybe because we are getting older and that the crowd still remains the same - college kids from NYU. it summer season so the crowd consist mostly of locals and people who work around the area. gel and i decided to get a corona and left afterwards.

we walked back to 14th street where get got her bus to staten island and where i got my train to go home.

what a long day it was.


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