dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

probably you are asking what am I doing home on a saturday night?? well i should have been watching a movie right now. when i called j at about quarter to 10, j told me that j forgot to call me to tell me that there was a change in plan. we'll just do it on monday. i said it was okay but to be honest, i was a bit pissed off. i was actually ready to go even though i am tired. i played v-ball with my new team earlier in the day in central park. as soon as i got home, i took a nap which did not work. i was ready to go out but again, "change in plan".

note to self and maybe for you all, always expect the unexpected.

by the way, even though i am feeling down, thank you (jo, em, dylan, and nicky) for keeping me busy. we watch "how to eat fried worm" which by the way was really disgusting. thanks em for keep insisting of watching it.


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