imagination is............

dear jo, niko, em, dylan, and nicky:

i got home very late last night (or should I say very early this morning). j and i watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. we managed to catch the last showing which was 10:40 pm (ended at 1 am).

we didn't do much today. you (jo and em) went with your mom and dad to go to queens which i think are planning to stay there for a week to celebrate your (em) birthday. so basically it's it's just us (me, grandma, mel, mei, dom, dylan, and nicky) here this weekend.

grandma decided to barbecue even though i resented it. today is a very humid day and everybody knows that i do not like summer. we (you, dom, and dylan) decided to stay in the basement and watch "the last mimzy". we did not finish it since you guys decided to leave me alone.

anyway, something funny happened today. when your (dom) mommy asked you to spell imagination, you did said something and mentioned something funny. you said imagination comes from toy's r us.......very very funny.


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