why me............

dear jo, dom, em, dylan and nicky:

why no blogs for the past two days?? let see, monday was a very busy day for me. as soon as i got home, i took a shower since walking through central park always makes me sweat. although summer hours is a great idea, it's just too long of a day for me to work more than 9 hours....yeah, I am complaining. maybe it's just that we just started last week so i am still adjusting. but anyway, after taking a shower, got a call from j asking if i want to have dinner....of course, the predictable person that i am, i said yes.

we went to edo's (a japanese steak house) located in port chester, ny. it's about 15 - 20 minutes drive from home. this is the first time in this location. usually we normally go to the other one located in mt. vernon. we almost got lost, but thanks to j's iphone (google earth), we found it. did got home until 11.

yesterday night after work, i went to the open scrimmage (v-ball) until 9 pm. saw my two teams and i have to admit, i was a bit nervous to tell each team that i am playing this season with two different teams. but guess what, they're both ok after i told them. so no harm done.


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